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Andrei Kirilenko Professes His Love For Dungeons & Dragons Via Huge Back Tattoo

Bad ass. Who would have guessed that the Utah Jazz’s Andrei Kirilenko was such a huge fantasy role playing game fan? At least that’s what I’m taking out of this incredible piece of body artistry which appears to be a knight – a Paladin perhaps, as that warrior class is said to have access to powerful mounts (nerd alert) – riding a dragon. It is certainly a magnificent tattoo which I am sure required a lot of time and effort.

There has been some controversy surrounding whether or not this is in fact Kirilenko, but a tattoo artist who goes by the online handle of vicback provided updates such as this one demonstrating the progress made throughout the process, so our best guess is that it is indeed Andrei Kirilenko, until proven to be otherwise. I wonder if his wife likes it. She seems like a pretty easygoing kind of gal who wouldn’t get upset over some wicked tattoo.

You know, regarding the premise of this post – that Kirilenko is a Dungeons & Dragons fan due to his new tattoo – on second thought, that hypothesis could be erroneous. Just because he has a huge dragon tattoo does not necessarily mean he’s a big D&D guy. Maybe he’s more into MERP, which leads me to believe that perhaps he was the one responsible for the New York Times having to issue that Tolkien-related correction we touched upon earlier today. That would be weird, wouldn’t it?

[H/T SLC Dunk (via The Basketball Jones)]