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Jason Kidd’s Ex-Wife, Joumana, Reportedly Preying Upon NFL Rookies Half Her Age

You go, girl! Or what have you. While her ex-husband Jason is doing his part to help the Dallas Mavericks oust the Los Angeles Lakers from the NBA playoffs, Joumana Kidd is satiating her carnal appetites (I suspect) by reportedly spending time with former LSU Tigers cornerback Patrick Peterson, who was drafted 5th overall by the Arizona Cardinals. The two were allegedly spotted together at the Player’s Association Rookie party and reportedly left together, perhaps even to have sexual relations*. Or maybe some ice cream. Ooh la la.

Yeah, their really isn’t much to the story, I just saw it as a great opportunity to use that magnificent photo from happier days in the Kidd family. That body is smoking, my friends. All I’m saying is if Joumana looks half as good when she’s 60 as she does now, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers, as the saying goes, which brings up another thought: who eats crackers in bed in the first place? Parrots? And who lets their parrot sleep with them? I don’t get it.

* speculative, I have no proof of that whatsoever

Jason Kidd’s ex in tabloids after being spotted with 20-year-old NFL rookie [The Dallas Morning News]