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If Nicole Kidman Can Love The Vancouver Green Men, Why Can’t The Bozos At The NHL?

By now you have likely heard all about the hullabaloo the NHL has caused in regard to the madcap antics of everybody’s favorite green spandex bodysuit-wearing goofballs (other than Charlie Kelly, of course, but that goes without saying), but in the paraphrased words of the immortal Starship, nothing’s going to stop them now. As you can see above, the worldwide phenomenon that is the Vancouver Green Men are now rubbing elbows with A-List celebrities. That’s right, kiddos, that is none other than Hollywood royalty, the cyborg Nicole Kidman.

Video follows.

Fantastic. And as I mentioned before, she’s a cyborg. And as a heartless, soulless vacant entity, devoid of emotion or the capacity to feel, the fact that usually stoic Miss Kidman – along with hubby, um, what’s-his-face, Keith Rural – appears positively delighted by one of the Green Men popping up to their luxury box during Game 4 of the Vancouver Canucks-Nashville Predator series, one would think that their shenanigans, instead of being treated with derision, would be warmly welcomed by the powers-that-be in the NHL front office. But no, they’re don’t appreciate the frivolity of it all and are hellbent on ruining everyone else’s fun. Not fair.

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