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Finally, A Glenn Danzig-Based Conversion Tool I Can Trust (YEAHHHHHHH!!!!)

Genius. Utter genius. Even better? It’s completely accurate. Not like all those crappy Glenn Danzig-based conversion tools sold to unsuspecting consumers by fly-by-night companies that are here one day and gone the next.

But now, there’s “What’s That In Danzigs?”, an invaluable resource for when you need to know just how many Evil Dark Rockers it will take to cover, say, 20 meters? That would be 12 Danzigs. BuzzFeed points out that to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, it would require 30,00 Danzigs. And so on and so forth.

And with that, I bid you so long. Have a great weekend. Here’s some Twist of Cain, oh yeah, to drive your brain, oh yeah. Make you come alive, etc.

[H/T BuzzFeed]