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Evander Holyfield’s Opponent In Upcoming Bout Mooned The Audience At The Weigh-In

What an ass, right? And by “What an ass” I of course mean that it wasn’t a very nice thing to do, not “What an ass” as in “Man, that’s a real nice ass,” or “Yeah, he must work out”.

Moving forward, Danish pugilist Brian Nielsen gave the assembled press and others attending the weigh-in quite a show when he dropped trou and committed, as Joe Buck would say, “a disgusting act” – actually, would Buck find this disgusting, or is only pretending like you are mooning people a disgusting act?

The fight between Nielsen and Holyfield, scheduled for Saturday, May 7th, will be clothing optional. No, not really. Via The Associated Press:

The Danish fighter pulled down his shorts Friday, exposing his bare backside to the audience before getting on the scale. He says a member of the crowd had shouted he wanted “to see my white backside.”

Nielsen, who is known for his clowning stunts, says, “I gave it to them. It needn’t be boring.”

No, no it needn’t.

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