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Conformity Now! Mavericks To Hand Out These Shirts For Fans To Wear At Game 3

With a commanding series lead over the Los Angeles Lakers after sweeping the first two games against Kobe and company out in La La Land, the Dallas Mavericks recognize that their time is now, the moment to realize their destiny. Blow the Lakers out of American Airlines Center tonight, and there’s a good chance this series is over. That is why the Mavericks organization will be handing out the above t-shirts to everyone attending the game this evening, because, as we all know, thousands of people wearing the exact same shirt always strikes fear into the hearts of professional athletes.

But I digress. Sure, it’s a nice shirt and all and one of those inane attempts to pump up a crowd and whip them up into a frenzy (“Hey, love the shirt, dude! Whoa! I’m wearing the same one! Cool! High five! On the flip side!”), but to be brutally honest, I wish they would have opted to hand out this one instead:


Awesome, right? The message on this one is, I don’t know, catchier.

See the T-shirt Mavericks fans will be asked to wear in Game 3 [The Dallas Morning News]