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Can He Play Shortstop? Man Attempts To Get On Field, Lands In Yankees’ Dugout

Heh. Can he play shortstop. Get it? Because Derek Jeter is super old, ineffective and is now beginning to suffer ailments which usually afflict the elderly? I’m not saying the Yankees shortstop’s career is over, but the guy is one slip in the shower away from requiring the services of Life Alert. It’s funny. The humor, you see, lies in its subtlety. Or whatever.

Anyway, to the story: during the sixth inning of Thursday’s game between the Bronx Bombers and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, a fan, evidently under the impression that he could fly or at the very least has the long jumping ability of Carl Lewis, attempted to leap over the Yankees’ dugout and on to the field. Unfortunately for this guy, he didn’t quite make it, nor did he stick the landing. Instead, he ended up coming down on the steps of the dugout. Oops.

Security immediately removed the trespasser, but not before surprising the players, as well as skipper Joe Giardi. Via the New York Daily News:

“I applaud their security guard; he got right on top of him and kept him from going on the field,” Joe Girardi said. “When he jumped on the stairs he fell. We weren’t far away from him. It kind of shocked us.”

Shocking indeed. Damn near roused Jeter from his mid-afternoon nap. But that’s okay, as an episode of Matlock was about to air on the clubhouse TV. And we all know how Jeter loves his Matlock. Because he’s old.

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