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After Tonight’s Game, Derrick Rose To Celebrate MVP Award At Atlanta Nightclub

Remember kids, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s what swanky nightclub you will be kicking it at after game. And in Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose’s case, after he and his teammates take on the Atlanta Hawks in Game 3 at Phillips area, that nightclub will be Atlanta’s Primal, which sounds like a pretty hip and happening locale. According to this release, somebody named Amber Rose partied hard at Primal recently – half naked – so you know it’s a going to be a rager.

One question, though: does Primal have adequate facilities so Rose can receive treatment on his bum ankle while hanging out? Because that would be nice. Even nicer? If you can handle two nights in a row of partying, Primal is holding a customer appreciation event which they are calling “Sweet, Sexy, Spoiled,” and by the looks of this ad, it will be the place you’ll want to be:

Hoo boy. That’s one helluva shirt. It’s defying physics and everything.