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Whatever Is Going On With B.J. Upton’s Mouth In This Photo, It’s Disturbing

That’s…weird. First, the basics: here’s Tampa Bay Rays center fielder B.J. Upton arguing with umpire Chad Fairchild after a called third strike in the 9th inning of Wednesday’s 3-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. Upton was ultimately ejected for his demonstrative protest to what Rays manager Joe Maddon referred to as “pretty egregious calls,” but seriously: what in the hell is the deal with Upton’s mouth? It’s all blown out and stuff, like there’s an invisible leaf blower pointed directly into his face.

Or could this be some kind of allergic reaction to the chocolate whipped cream pie Upton was on the receiving end of after his walk-off homer the other night? Hard to say, I guess, but nevertheless, I’m just relieved one of those mini-Aliens didn’t come jutting out of his mouth. That would have been mighty disturbing…and probably some kind of violation of Major League Baseball’s rules. You know, The MLB’s Anti-Interior Alien Policy. It makes sense if you have never heard of it. It is not often invoked. For obvious reasons.

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