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Avril Lavigne? Rays Keep Knocking ‘Em Out Of The Park With Summer Concert Series

It wasn’t even two months ago when I was thrilled to pass long the news that the Tampa Bay Rays landed REO Speedwagon for a spot in their much ballyhooed “Summer Concert Series” and now this? Avril-freaking-Lavigne? Talk about a huge act to get signed on…if this were 2002. Oh, I’m sorry, that was a reach there. I didn’t mean to go and make things so complicated.

Anyhoo, Lavigne, who is now 26-years-old (seriously?) will be putting on a free concert after the Rays’ May 28th game against the Cleveland Indians. Get your tickets now, Rays fans.

But wait. There’s more (about other acts on the schedule)! Via Tampa Bay Online:

Lavigne, who has three platinum albums and has earned eight Grammy Award nominations, is the third artist to perform as part of the series this season. Upcoming concerts include Darius Rucker (May 14 vs. baltimore), the Goo Goo Dolls (Aug. 6 vs. Oakland), and Miranda Lambert (Sept. 14 vs. Toronto).

Man, the Trop is going to be rocking this summer! And here’s an interesting tidbit: the Rays have gone 26-3 in games on dates acts performed for the Summer Concert Series since 2008. I am no mathemagician, but that’s a pretty good record. Probably over .500, even.

On a side note, I had no idea that Miss Lavigne blossomed into quite the hottie hottie boombalottie over the years until I did a Google Image Search for a photo for this post.

Not too shabby. Too bad her music is terrible. Except for “Complicated.” And “Sk8er Boi.” Oh, and that new one, “What the Hell.” Ah, who am I kidding? She’s the best!

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