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NFL Dirty Dilemmas: Honorary Team Captain OR Cheerleader Locker Room Attendant?

This series is brought to you by AXE’s Dirty Dilemmas. Click through and play to get your dirty mind blown.

Interesting query, no? Thanks to the fine folks at Axe, allow me to present to you a “Dirty Dilemma”: NFL Honorary Team Captain OR a Cheerleader Locker Room Attendant. Quite the conundrum. On the one hand, you would be the envy of fellow fans of your favorite NFL team everywhere by having the opportunity to walk to the 50-yard line prior to kickoff along with the best players on the squad to take part in the coin flip. A memorable experience, to be sure and a memory you would likely treasure forever.

On the other hand, having the gratifying – ahem – position of being an NFL Cheerleader Locker Room Attendant certainly has many more-than-rewarding qualities in its own right, most of which are abundantly obvious, and that’s without taking into account the tickle fights which I assume invariably occur at least three, four times an hour.

So, which one is it? The glory of sharing the thrilling moment of trotting out to midfield along with the guys or fetching towels and providing invaluable support to the lovely ladies whose sole purpose is to inspire the hometown fans? Like I mentioned above, quite the conundrum. Or not.