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Wake N’ Blog: Circumspect Anti-Circumcision Crusaders Circumscribe San Francisco

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• Yep. You read that right: Reuters is reporting that an anti-circumcision group insists it has enough signatures to qualify for a measure to ban circumcisions to be put on the November ballot. While many legal experts suspect that the measure faces legal challenges due to its unconstitutional infringement upon religion, one of the group’s leaders, Lloyd Schofield, insists that circumcisions need to be sliced away from the realm of generally accepted social practices: “It’s excruciatingly painful and permanently damaging surgery that’s forced on men when they’re at their weakest and most vulnerable.” Alrighty then. [Yahoo!]

• Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall tweets about bin Laden, 9/11, things don’t go well. [Shutdown Corner]

• Former Yankee Bernie Williams performed with Twisted Sister. Yep. [With Leather]

• A pictorial history of Sammy Sosa’s many skin tones. [Busted Coverage]

• Five people in sports who could sure use a vacation. [Deuce of Davenport]

• Burn: due to his comments to Derrick Rose before the playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks are leaving tickets for Jameer Nelson. [The Basketball Jones]

• Here’s a handy flowchart which helps determine who you should root for in the NBA playoffs. [Sports Pickle]

• Indeed, a bad sign for Buckeyes fans. [Off the Bench]

• A funny video where LeBron James ditches the Space Jam characters. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

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