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Chariots Of Fire: Yep, An Australian Race Car Driver Survived This Massive Fireball

Crikey! Due to a massive explosion, the oft-referenced Australian saying, “Let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie” nearly came to fruition, only in this case, the shrimp was Australian Touring Car driver Karl Reindler and the barbie was the burning remnants of his race car. Unbelievably – but thankfully – Reindler is on the mend and counting his blessings after surviving a horrific explosion which occurred during a race in Perth, Australia on Sunday when another driver, Steve Owen, rammed Reindler’s vehicle from behind. Both cars were set ablaze, but miraculously, Reindler only experienced second degree burns to his hands and minor burns to his face as a result of the inferno. Holy moly.

Incredible video follows.

Said Reindler following his fiery brush with near death (via The Daily Mail):

‘I could feel my face burning,’ Reindler said after the incredible incident at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth.

‘The flames came through the car and it was just terrifying at the time. ‘I could feel the heat all around me and I was breathing in the fumes, I could feel my throat burning.’

‘It was a horrible experience, but I knew what I had to do to get out of the car,’ the Perth-born driver added.

‘It seemed liked an eternity to get out, the seat had melted to my suit, the suit itself had melted to the seatbelt – I eventually got out but it seemed like such a long time until I actually got out.

‘Luckily the car and (race) suit did what they were supposed to do. ‘But I’m back at home now and on the road to recovery.’

Cripes. The craziest thing is Reindler probably cannot wait to get back behind the wheel to race and tempt a fiery fate once again. Those guys are nuts, man. Brave, but nuts.

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