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Celebrities Showed Up At NBA Game In NBA Market Where Celebrities Also Reside

I know! Breaking news, right? Have we not arrived at the point yet where it should not shock us that celebrities show up at Los Angeles Lakers games? Should we really feel compelled to gush about what big time star or starlet makes a public appearance? Ooh! Look! Justin Timberlake took in the Lakers-Mavericks game last night! And David Beckham, hanging out with Gordon Ramsey. I wonder what they were talking about. And there’s John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell! They were in Step Brothers together and remain friendly with each other. And hey, there’s Joseph Gordon Levitt! Loved him on 3rd Rock from the Sun. How about January Jones? Was she there? You betcha! And check it out – Eddie Murphy, too! It’s almost like a wax museum but it’s real. It’s really really real.

But why, why would all these celebrities happen to be in one location at one time? What do you mean they all reside in Los Angeles? And they like sports? Celebrities – they’re just like us!

It’s high time we stop giving a rip each and every time a member of the glitterati is seen inside Staples Center at a Lakers game. It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore as the whole bit was played out years ago when Jack Nicholson made the Forum his personal Place To Be Seen. Okay, on second thought, of all the celebrities mentioned above, Eddie Murphy is kind of a surprise. He must have just received his Shrek royalty check or something. It obviously wasn’t from Pluto Nash or any other of the star vehicles (a/k/a Eddie Murphy Box Office Poison) the former funnyman has appeared in recently.

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