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Will They Take An IOU? NHL Sends City Of Glendale Bill For $25 Million

Or alternatively, some kind of installment plan? If not, my guess is the city will have to set up an account with one of those fly-by-night payday loan operations. While the curious case of Hockey in the American Southwest Desert (a/k/a the Phoenix Coyotes) situation becomes more and more muddled, the NHL has sent the City of Glendale a bill for $25 million to cover the team’s losses for this season. Best part? The National Hockey League has given the city until Monday to make good on the debt. Otherwise, there’s going to be trouble. Maybe. Could happen.

Via Sporting News:

The documents sent by the NHL a week after the Coyotes were ousted by Detroit in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs show the team actually lost $36.6 million for the eight months ending in March. According to The Republic, Glendale had promised to set aside $25 million from a utilities-repair account to pay for the team losses in exchange for an extension on the timetable to secure new ownership for the team.

Is this the NHL sending a not-so-subtle message implying their unhappiness with the stagnant status of the organization coming up with a new ownership situation? Hell if I know. I’ll allow folks wiser than me to make that determination. And let’s be frank, more often than not, the NHL’s true motivations for doing anything are usually difficult to gauge, which when you think about it, isn’t surprising when the fact that this guy is heading up the operation.

And yet, this development hardly implies an impending death knell for the troubled franchise: even the mayor of Winnipeg doesn’t believe the Coyotes will be relocating to his fair Canadian city anytime soon. In fact, he’s thinking it could be the Atlanta Thrashers. Great job managing this colossal mess, Bettman. If he keeps playing his cards in this manner, in no time he will retake the number one spot on the list of “Most Incompetent Commissioner in Professional Sports.” And the most shocking part? He wouldn’t be taking it away from the presumed Poster Boy for Professional Sports Administrative Incompetence, Bud Selig, but Roger Goodell. But that’s a story for another time. And now, since the phrase “IOU” is stuck in my head, here’s The Replacements’ tune of the same name. Enjoy.

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