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Two-Headed, Five-Legged Tortoise Is The Newest Sports-Predicting Oracle

Paul the Octopus Oracle is probably spinning (and squirting ink, maybe?) in his grave. Her name is Magdalena. She’s an African spurred tortoise. She has two heads and five legs, making it often difficult for her to navigate exactly where she is going. But one thing she might have a knack for: predicting the outcome of hockey games. I say might because her soothsaying abilities have not yet been fully tested, but they shall be soon enough when Magdalena attempts to predict who will win games in the upcoming 2011 IIHF World Championship beginning tomorrow in Slovakia.

Via Reuters:

Magdalena’s first attempt was in line with bookmakers, predicting hosts Slovakia would beat outsiders Slovenia in the championship’s opening match on Friday.

Born in the northern Slovak town of Zilina in March with the genetic defect of having two heads, Magdalena makes the picks by moving around a small-scale model of an ice hockey rink.

Roman Gresak, the tortoise’s owner, said he would not force Magdalena to predict all the results.

“She will forecast selected matches,” he said. “The next one will be Norway against Sweden.”

Awesome.  Video of Magdalena follows.

Magdalena is truly an inspiration to mutant, two-headed beasts the world over, and it is refreshing to know her owner will not seek to completely exploit her unique talents. Best of luck to Magdalena in her quest to become the Next Big Thing in Sports-Predicting Freak Beasts.

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