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Sacre Bleu! France’s National Team Flown To Wrong Country For Hockey Worlds

It’s even more funny because it happened to the French, although it’s safe to say the Frenchies hockey players probably didn’t find the fact they were flown to the wrong Eastern European country for the 2011 Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships as amusing as I do, what with the absence of Jerry Lewis from the incident and all. Also: any hockey team that utilizes a red, white and blue cock as its emblem and then emblazons their team jerseys with said cock kind of deserves what’s coming to them.

Via an AP report in USA Today:

A booking error sent the French team on a flight to Poland instead of Slovakia. So the players had to take a bus ride from Krakow to Kosice for the event.

The French Ice Hockey Federation says the players practiced on Thursday morning. They arrived in Kosice after an 180-mile bus ride on Wednesday.

Poland, Slovakia, same difference, right? At least to the inept person handling the team’s travel itinerary. See, that’s why I always allow Naomi Pryce to handle all my travel needs. She’s solid, she knows William Shatner and that skin-tight leather catsuit she sports certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Obviously.

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