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Nothing To See Here, Just Two Acrobats Playing ‘Vertical Tennis’ On Side Of Building

Wait. What? Those wacky Spaniards and the way they change the spatial orientation of sports in order to promote events in their country. No, it’s true: don’t you remember the crazy “Horizontal Rock Climbing” stunt in advance of the World Mountaineering Championships in Barcelona way back in 1982? Now that was a scene, man, although it’s a shame that 28 people died. Not sure how, though.

Anyhoo, the above image depicts two acrobats playing “Vertical Tennis” high up on a facade of building in order to kick-off the Madrid Open tennis tournament, which begins on Friday. Weird stuff.

Video follows.

One question: where was the damn ball? Call me a stickler for details, but without a ball, it’s not really vertical tennis so much as it is “Two Window Washers Totally Slacking Off.” What a ripoff. Get the squeegees and get to work, you two.