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Awesome: Check Out’s Home Page Circa April 19, 1999

What, no Mel Kiper or Rick Reilly or Bill Simmons? That sucks! On second thought…

Still, so much good stuff going on here. A Seattle Supersonics reference. Bonds surgery news. Cal Ripken going on the DL for the first time. The Miami Heat being prominently displayed on the front page. It seems like only yesterday. Well, it actually was yesterday in regard to the last one.

But my favorite part, other than the primitive graphics and that ESPN was ripping people off with an Insider feature all that time ago? Mark Recchi was cleared to play for the Flyers on that day and now, twelve years later, he’s about to face the same Philadelphia Flyers as a member of the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Time waits for no man, unless that man is Mark Recchi.

[H/T 10,000 Words (via Mediaite)]