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Seahawks Guard Chester Pitts Calls NFL General Counsel A ‘Consistent Turd’

New Sportress Rule: anytime, no matter who said it, who is being referred to as such and regardless of the reason behind it, whenever it occurs that a person from the world of sport refers to another person as the woefully underused term “turd,” well, I’m writing a post about.

Today from the anals annals “If It Looks Like A Turd (And Maybe Smells Like One , Too)” department comes the story of Seattle Seahawks guard Chester Pitts, who, during a radio interview 710 ESPN Seattle, reportedly not only referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as a fraud, he upped the ante and had this to say about NFL general counsel Jeff Pash:

“He’s a consistent turd.”

Awesome. Pro Football Talk has some additional relevant details from Pitts’ radio interview, but let’s be honest here: all we need to know is that Pitts referred to some NFL corporate suit as “a consistent turd,” and for that, I am incredibly grateful to him for reintroducing that classic term back into my scatalogical lexicon.

Chester Pitts calls Goodell a “fraud,” Pash a “consistent turd” [Pro Football Talk]