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No Pervs Allowed: NHL Launches Safe, Kid-Friendly Website, ‘Rinksters’

In an attempt to cultivate and attract younger fans into following the great game of hockey, the National Hockey League, in a partnership with Visimonde Inc., an Edmonton-based company specializing in creating virtual online worlds, have launched a new, kid-friendly website, Aimed at kids from ages of 6-12, Rinksters provides a safe environment where children can “securely play hockey-themed games, collect virtual currency, chat with friends, customize their own avatar and more.” While some of the features are subscription-based, there are nevertheless many free features for the wee lads and lasses. And best of all, the goal is for Rinksters to be so safe and free of unwelcome elements that it will never be the subject of an expose by Chris Hansen for Dateline NBC. Which is a good thing.


“The explosion of virtual games and Internet usage among kids has created a significant opportunity for the NHL to create new relationships with a younger generation of hockey fans.” said Perry Cooper, the NHL’s senior vice president of digital media.  “Rinskters will provide these new fans with an unprecedented, fun way to connect with the game and its players, safely and securely.”

Safe and secure are the operative words here. As a parent myself, I look forward to the other professional sports leagues doing their part to provide safe, but still entertaining, sites for kids. But the first time I notice that there is a Mike’s Hard Lemonade banner ad on Rinksters, it will be the last time.

NHL launches ‘Rinksters,’ a kid-friendly virtual world []