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It’s Funny Because ‘Sheet’ Kind Of Sounds Like The Swear Word For Poop

Ha ha! Get it? The above video is of Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari informing a fake reporter that the reason he struggled so mightily in the first half but came out and did super good in the second half is because while in the locker room at halftime, he “took a sheet,” which when Gallinari says it, sounds like he’s saying “took a s**t,” as in “going number two” or “dropping wolf bait,” or “dropping the kids off at the pool” or “pinching a loaf” or whatever other fecal-based colloquialism people commonly use for the act of defecating. It’s funny, to be sure, but there’s more to it.

You see, what Gallinari is participating in is a silly promotion/marketing blitz for Sheets™, a product similar to those Listerine strips, only they are supposedly “loaded with B-Vitamins,” which presumably means they can give a person a boost of energy simply by “taking a sheet.” Ha. It just slays me. It really does. Poop.