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Um, Yay? April 30th Designated As ‘National Fan Day’ – You Know, For The Fans

With lockouts, labor strife, outrageous ticket prices, narcissistic athletes and corrupt college coaches, it appears that we sports fans have finally had enough with being pushed around by the teams and athletes we follow and spend our time and hard-earned money supporting – because now we have our own official day. Whoopee! That’s right, kiddos, April 30th has been declared National Fan Day and everybody’s invited! Well, if you’re a fan, I suppose. Non-fans? Beat it. Nothing to see here.

The brainchild of My Fan Rewards, an organization which purports to be “a revolutionary new way for sports teams, performing artists, and venues to engage their fans by providing them with access to discounts and perks from leading retailers,” National Fan Day (official website here) appears to be merely a marketing blitz designed to put money in the pockets of various companies under the guise of “Gotta Support The Fans Who Gotta Support The Team” or some such nonsense.

More information on the festive celebration that will be National Fan Day follows.

From Marc Kolin, President and CEO of My Fan Rewards (via PR News Channel):

“We wondered why we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Day, and even Earth Day, but we don’t celebrate an official fan appreciation day. We hope to make National Fan Day an annual holiday, and we are delighted to have the support of so many teams who wanted to make sure that their fans understand how important they are. Fans should know that despite whatever labor difficulties may be going on, the teams really do not take them for granted.”

Indeed. Why should we take time to devote one measly day to worry about the stupid Earth when sports fans are being underappreciated? And mothers and fathers? Pshaw. Talk about misplaced priorities. That’s right, teams: you have been put on notice – Don’t Take Me For Granted.

Moving on, among the special events which will comprise National Fan Day:

  • There will be a contest to see which fan will be the face of National Fan Day. Fans are encouraged to submit their best fan photos which will be voted on to declare the country’s ultimate fan.
  • During registration, fans will be asked to select their favorite team. The team with the most registrations will officially be declared “America’s Team” for the next year.
  • Fans will also have a chance to submit their ideas for a Fans Bill of Rights.
  • In addition, fans can access special discounts from national retailers such as Sony, Macy’s, 1-800 Flowers, Barnes & Noble, and ExxonMobil. A portion of each transaction made will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Awesome! Man, I feel just like a kid on Christmas Eve! Only instead of not being able to sleep due to the excitement over what presents Santa is going to bring me, I’ll have a hard time getting any rest the next couple of nights wondering just how good of a deal I am going to get on my next order from 1-800-Flowers, because really, isn’t that what being a fan is all about? Yippee!

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