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S.O.B.’s Wild Kingdom: Purse-Stealing ‘Masked Bandit’ At Golf Course Is A Raccoon

Ha. It’s funny because nearly every article on the interwebs about a rash of purse thefts from the Sandridge Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida whose perpetrator turned out to be a raccoon living on the course refers to the thieving cretin as a “masked bandit” or “masked marauder.” You know, because of the color of their fur around their eyes, it looks like raccoons are wearing masks and stuff. Mother Nature’s a mad scientist!

Via msnbc:

The furry bandit was stashing his pilfered goods in the bushes, and when officials found the animal’s hideaway, they found two purses, an assortment of golf balls and empty food wrappers.

But catching the animal is proving to be as difficult as getting out of a sand bunker. So far the animal hasn’t fallen for the bait of food set in a trap.

Maybe they should try putting a purse in there.

The raccoon was recently spotted by a male golfer sitting on a golf cart and it ran off when it was approached. The golfer looked at his bag and saw that it had been unzipped.

The man said his wallet and a few golf balls, which were inside the bag, were on the ground.

Wow. Quite the crafty varmint. Maybe he’s responsible for stealing Rory McIlroy’s game during the final round of the Masters. Ah, who am I kidding? No way a raccoon could travel that far. Or could they?

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