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(Video) Nastiest Job Ever: Pumping Human Waste Out Of Toilets In Old Yankee Stadium

In an upcoming episode of Break It Down on the National Geographic Channel, the work that goes into preparing old Yankee Stadium for demolition is profiled, including how workers have to go toilet by toilet, urinal by urinal and pump out the human waste still in them. Gross. Beyond gross. This is like a “Do you know what’s grosser than gross?” joke, but there is no punchline. The guys that had to do that job are so not getting paid enough for what they do. And here you thought having to smell your co-worker’s nasty ass, 45-minute, marathon pooping sessions was a terrible enough byproduct of your employment, imagine the vile odors erupting out of the bowels of Yankee Stadium. Because as you know, New Yorkers are filthy, filthy people.

[H/T BuzzFeed]