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LeBron James: ‘Playoff Sweat Is Different Than Regular Season Sweat’

"Ow! Simply uttering that statement made my brain hurt!"

Whaaaa? Who knew the Miami Heat’s LeBron James was something of a an amateur perspirationtologist? Yep, I just made that area of scientific study up, which is about as absurd as the fact that James is throwing out wild theories regarding the chemical – molecular, even – differences between the sweat excreted during the regular season and that which pours out of the body during the playoffs. Weird, wild and wacky stuff.

From ESPN (via Pro Basketball Talk via The Basketball Jones – boy, that’s a lot of vias!):

James has a new sidekick these days — a gallon jug filled with water that he tugs around just about wherever he goes. James vows to drink those fluids every day during the playoffs, usually before practices, and even after games start. It is a routine he began several years ago in the postseason, an effort to increase hydration.

“Playoff sweat is different than regular season sweat,” James said Thursday morning as he grabbed his jug, by then about 60 percent empty, on his way to the Heat’s bus following shootaround at the Wells Fargo Center.

“It’s not always easy to drink it all but I think it helps.”

Funny, that last statement is exactly the same thing I say about the second quart of vodka. Just kidding. I would never say such a thing. That’s kooky talk, but yet again, so is making the argument that perspiration can be different depending on when and where said perspiration is, uh, perspired. Now I’m sweating. But then again, I’m not a board-certified, Juilliard-trained perspirationologist. Or what have you.

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