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It Exists! Photographic Evidence Of Erin Andrews As A University Of Florida Dazzler

The knowledge that Erin Andrews a) attended the University of Florida; and b) was a member of the school’s dance team, the Dazzlers, has been well-documented in print. Unfortunately, photographic proof documenting that the youthful Andrews was in fact a Dazzler has been hard to come by, especially in light of the impassioned attention that has been devoted to ESPN’s Sideline Princess over the years. As my esteemed colleague Master Rick Chandler opined, finding a photo of Erin Andrews, Dazzler, has been “like proving the existence of Bigfoot, few photos exist of her from that time.”

Well, well, well, look and see what the great Chris Littman has unearthed (via Chandler Parsons, a basketball player for the Florida Gators): a photo of the lovely Miss Andrews from her undergraduate days at Florida, along with some of her fellow Dazzlers. And not surprisingly, Miss Andrews looks fantastic. Great find. Epic find. One could almost describe it as…dazzling.

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