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Danish Soccer Coaches Can’t Even Punch Reporters Without Getting Fired These Days

Ove Christensen, the head coach of the Randers FC football team coincidentally based in Randers, Denmark – has been let go one day after kind of, sort of, not really but actually slightly slugging a reporter whose line of questioning Christensen didn’t much appreciate. After losing to Brondby 4-0, the reporter asked Christensen if he could stay on as coach, to which Christensen made statements relating to the fact that he wasn’t going to answer “stupid questions.” The cranky old roundball coach concluded the tense interview by slugging reporter Rasmus Lind on the shoulder before storming off.

Via an AP Report in The Washington Post:

Randers spokesman Ib Rasmussen told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Christensen’s dismissal was not related but was a result of the club’s “poor result.”

Christensen joined the team in 2009. It is 10th in the 12-team Danish league.

Yeah, it’s hard to say whether the lackluster record or the rather benign punch on the shoulder of the reporter was the source of Christensen’s dismissal, but I can assure you of this: I am really craving a Danish now. Preferably an apple one. And if there aren’t any of those handy, I suppose I’d be willing to take Helena Christensen.

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