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Bad Idea Painting: The Washington Capitals As The Court At Camelot (Or Something)

Whoa. That’s, um, certainly something, isn’t it? The piece, “Washington Capitals – We Are The Champions!” is yours to be had on eBay. The starting bid is a paltry$5,000, a small price to pay for such well-crafted artwork in the oil medium. Depicting the Capitals as a merry band of conquerors from a faraway medieval land who are led by Owner-King Ted Leonsis and crafty wizard Bruce “The Conjurer” Boudreau. Also featured: Barack and Michelle Obama, for some unknown reason.

If this breathtaking piece of modern art depicting the Washington Capitals as Stanley Cup champions (jinx, much?) wouldn’t class up your so-called Man Cave – so long as you happen to be a big enough doltish loser to feel the need to refer to the place where you hang out and watch sports and do “guy things” as a “Man Cave” – I’m not sure there is much hope for it. Your Man Cave, that is. But you knew that already – you have a Man Cave, after all.

[H/T Puck Daddy]