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Wake N’ Blog: Just So You Know, Russians Never Got Busy In A Spacecraft Bathroom

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• Man, that post title is one of the weakest (and flimsiest) Digital Underground references ever. Be that as it may, for some reason, Russian space exploration experts have gone on record to state that there is no evidence that Russian cosmonauts ever engaged in sexual activities while in outer space. “There’s no official or unofficial evidence that there were instances of sexual intercourse or the carrying out of sexual experiments in space,” Valery Bogomolov, deputy director of the Moscow-based Institute of Biomedical Problems told the Interfax news agency. So there you have it, folks, Russians are a bunch of sexual space prudes. You read it here first. [Yahoo!]

• Our great pal Josh is stepping aide from his post as head honcho over at With Leather. We wish him all the best as he continues his quest for global domination. [With Leather]

• Tony LaRussa’s daughter is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. And quite a fetching lass as well, I might add. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Chris Paul said he would hit his momma if she were on the court. At least he has a few weeks before Mother’s Day to make up for that one. [The Basketball Jones]

• Check out these brand new NBA Playoff Player logos. [TAUNTR]

• Ray Allen is and always has been a sight to behold. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

• ESPNU softball analyst has bought you two tickets to her gun show. Sheesh. [Busted Coverage]

• Here’s video of the Versus announcer flubbing the call during the Bruins-Canadiens overtime thriller. [Outside the Boxscore]

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