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Keith Urban + John Mayer = Craptastic Concert (Also: Headlining ‘Tiger Jam’)

When I think of Keith Urban and John Mayer, my thoughts first turn to locating the nearest letter opener which, if it comes down to it, I can jab into my eardrums lest I hear one note of one song by these poseur musicians. The second thing – okay, third thing: the second thing usually is: “What? No Dave Matthews?” – will now be “Tiger Woods ‘Tiger Jam’ is going to be a rager this year!!” A rager of nondescript, derivative music, that is.

Yet it be true: the two pretty boy performers will be the headliners of the 2011 Tiger Jam this weekend at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The long-running event – although it was temporarily placed on hiatus last year for some undetermined reason (my best guess: indiscriminate whoremongering by the host) – is back with the proceeds set to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation.

When the lineup was announced way back in February, Tiger, of course, was thrilled:

“I’m thrilled these two talented musicians are joining us for Tiger Jam,” event host Tiger Woods said. “We have had so much success with this event over the last 13 years, raising more than $12 million for programs of my Foundation, and we are excited to continue that tradition.”

Indeed. A tradition like any other. Except when it has to be canceled for whatever odd reason. Oh yeah, that’s right. It was the indiscriminate whoremongering.

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