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Don’t Cry, Josh Elliott: Hannah Storm Will Continue To Wear Risque Outfits

Hey, Josh Elliott: cheer up: at least you weren’t fired, right? High five! As was previously reported here at the Sportress, SportsCenter anchor – and a guy with a great sense of self-deprecating humor, obviously – Josh Elliott is leaving ESPN for the sunnier career climes of ABC and Good Morning America. As you can see above, Josh became a little verklempt while saying his goodbyes during his last SportsCenter broadcast on Friday. Perfectly understandable, but buck up, good sir. Like the rest of us, Josh, you will just have to tune in to the A.M. edition of SportsCenter in order to keep tabs on just exactly what kind of suggestive attire the lovely and talented Miss Storm will elect to wear next…just like the rest of us horndoggers.

‘SportsCenter’ anchor’s teary goodbye [New York Post (via Deadspin)]