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Vikings OL Bryant McKinnie Looking To Be Less Fat With The Help Of Venus Williams

According to a report in the Pioneer Press, Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie has made it an offseason goal to not only not get arrested, but to also shed a few pounds, so he’s lean and mean whenever the NFL Lockout is over. Well, at least as lean and mean as a man who is 6’8″ and played last season at a whopping 360 pounds.

McKinnie has sought out the advice and guidance of one of his good pals, Venus Williams, to assist in his weight loss program and to date, has shed five pounds and is on his way to losing his goal of twenty pounds.

Video from the large man’s training session with Miss Venus follows.

Via the Pioneer Press:

“I’m ready to conquer a whole bunch of different things,” McKinnie said.

As part of his offseason training, McKinnie is using tennis to improve his lateral quickness. He’s pleased with his backhand.

“It’s so amazing how much you can improve,” McKinnie said.

McKinnie said he practices with Venus instead of Serena because “she’s a better teacher.”

“One thing I learned with Venus, you have to be ready to work for a long lesson,” McKinnie said.

That’s awfully nice for Venus to take time out of her undoubtedly hectic schedule to help her pal get into better shape. Yet, I have to wonder why Venus hasn’t elected to spend more time trying to help out her sister:

Yamma Hamma. If that’s not a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

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