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Noooooo!!! Erin Andrews Got A Couple Of Owies After Falling On A Treadmill!

Tragic. Simply tragic. It pains me to inform you that Erin Andrews tweeted some devastating news last night regarding a treadmill mishap that occurred to her while doing what she does to maintain her beauty, physical fitness and overall glow and perky effervescence (via my pals at Busted Coverage):

Make sure u are not too tired when u when u get on the treadmill..I just busted it in front of everyone..grace!! #skinnedknees

To make matters worse, Miss Andrews not only busted up her face, she skinned her knee as well and guess who has to be in a cocktail dress next week? That’s right, she does! How could this have possibly happened? Why wasn’t there a bevy of handlers, spotters, personal assistants, entourage members, courtiers attending to her?

Better yet, why is it that Miss Andrews does not have a Russian weightlifter on her staff who could do her workouts for her while she’s sitting comfortably being fed grapes while connected to said weightlifter via a bunch of electrodes and a Cold War-era Exercise Output Transference Machine monitored by a mysterious Soviet scientist? Nope. Nothing about this disaster is right, nor is it fair. So not an Epic Win.

[H/T Busted Coverage]