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From Super Bowls To Gutter Balls: Cowboys Stadium To Host U.S. Women’s Open

There are few events on the U.S. sports scene that are more captivating and generate near-fanatic interest than the showcase event of female competitive bowling: the U.S. Women’s Open. So it makes perfect sense for it to be held inside the confines of the grandest arena in all the land: Cowboys Stadium. Who knew Jerry Jones was such a bowling fan? Not me.

Via an AP report in The Seattle Times:

Shiny wooden lanes will be placed on either side of the famous Cowboys star at midfield. There will be temporary seats on the field for the June 30 event.

Pro bowler Stefanie Nation says it’s exciting to have “the pinnacle of women’s bowling” at the site of last season’s Super Bowl.

Awesome. And quite an ingenious way to recoup some of the operating losses should the NFL lockout extend into the regular season. All I hope is the WPBA doesn’t try to pull a fast one on the rabid women’s professional bowling fanbase and try to pack in too many people into the cavernous stadium like the NFL did for Super Bowl XLV. I can assure the powers that be that bowling fans are a segment of the population that will not allow themselves to be trifled with and then keep quiet about it.

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