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Finally, A Photo Of Tom Brady Where He Isn’t The Fanciest Fancy Boy In It

Oh, come on, have some fun with it. Sure, this is a precious photo of Tom Brady visiting Disneyland on Thursday with his son Jack and niece in tow, but what I state is the truth: rarely does it occur in a photo containing Tom Brady where he is not the most fancy boy of them all, but some dude dressed up as Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled is for all intents and purposes, an even fancier boy than the Patriots quarterback, which is quite a feat in its own right. And even better for Brady? Minimal amount of embarrassment from said image. He’s not even crying in it. Or dancing. Or wearing a headband. Or playing golf. Or riding on a scooter. A wonderful image of Tom Brady on many, many levels. He should be thankful.

[H/T The Huddle]