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Awkward, Ill-Conceived Headline Of The Day: ‘Are Players Entitled To Go Down?’

To answer the above headline’s query: well, that depends, I guess, on exactly who they’re going down on and whether said individual is a willing and interested participant in said act. Entitlement aside, there could very well be some hygiene issues that need be considered prior to making the decision on whether or not to go down.

And yes, my sense of humor is in an incredibly crude and sophomoric state today, even more so than usual. But just think what we would be missing if it was not. I am referring to jokes about going down, of course, but the day is young. Who knows what other ill-conceived jokes will arise from the abyss where my immature attempts of humor are conceived? I guess it’s all about playing the waiting game now.

Are players entitled to go down? Just think of what we’re missing [SI]