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Watch Trail Blazers Superfan ‘Free Throw Guy’ Break Down His Disruption Techniques

Allow me to introduce to you Robert Ems. He is a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan who has become well-known at the Rose Garden as “Free Throw Guy” because -he quite fittingly, given his moniker, I might add – makes it his goal to distract opposing players while they are shooting free throws. Referring to his technique as “subtle, but effective,” Free Throw Guy likes to think he has become a thorn in the side of free throw shooters on other teams due to his frenetic movement. And with his team returning home to Portland now down 2-0 in its playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks, Ems realizes it is his time to shine.

Via The Oregonian:

“Our team needs any sort of edge we can possibly get,” Ems said. “If the players are going to hustle their butts off, so am I. And I want to do anything within the rules to help us win. I’d much rather have a missed free throw (from the opposing team) decide the game than a referee’s call, because we don’t necessarily get the calls.” says Ems.

To be honest, given the relative simplicity employed in his disruption techniques, Free Throw Guy sure puts a lot of thought into how he approaches his craft. Still, I find myself mesmerized by it, as I am sure many of the Mavericks players will experience firsthand come Game 3. Best of luck, Free Throw Guy, may your forays into free throw psychological warfare serve your beloved Trail Blazers well.

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