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Temple University’s Baseball Team All Set For A Fun Weekend Of UNO?

I hardly thinks this bit of information qualifies as a newsworthy story. So what if the guys on Temple’s baseball team are planning to get together for some UNO? And if they do plan to play UNO, are they planning on going with O.G. UNO or kick it up a notch with UNO Flash?

Further, why just limit themselves to UNO? Is Rack-O  too complicated? Nope. I don’t get it.

(note: Sweet Fancy Moses is it a slow news day – at the very least, can somebody from the world of sports please do something that enables me to make a half-assed Seinfeld or Boz Scaggs reference? C’mon guys, do it for your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man)

Temple plays UNO this weekend [USA Today]