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Off Topic: Miniature Crossbow Might Be The Most Awesomely Dangerous Thing Ever

Behold, good people of the interwebs, the Mini Crossbow. Because when I want to get all medieval with my miniature weaponry, it better damn well be able to shoot flaming bolts of awesomeness. But it should be pointed out that despite its small size, this bad boy packs a wallop, enough to take down hordes of hobbits (or alternatively, dwarfs, for all you anti-Tolkien-ites out there) shrunk down to minuscule size by Rick Moranis’ electromagnetic shrink ray from that movie, Little Shop of Horrors .

From the creator, via YouTube:

I built it entirely out of solid sterling silver and 22k gold (except the bow itself and the string which are made of steel).

It is all handmade and is an original design.

Although it is intended as a high-quality jewelry piece, it functions quite well as a miniature weapon and is able to inflict significant damage.

This miniature crossbow works in exactly the same way as the common full-size hunting crossbow, but in terms of power to weight ratio, the mini crossbow is almost 4X stronger.

It shoots three types of handmade aluminum arrows:
1. Basic (steel-tipped) arrows
2. Ramming arrows
3. Flare arrows

Yes, a high quality jewelry piece…that can maim you. And all we had when I was younger was Crossbows & Catapults. Imagine if they had crap like this when I was a kid…well, I’d probably be dead or have only one eye or have burned down my parents’ house. But man, it would have been so cool, even if I was known around the neighborhood as “that Arson Pirate Kid With The Crossbow.” Who may or may not have been dead. But it would have been good times while it lasted.