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New Agreement Between NHL & NBC/VS. Spells Name Change For Versus

In light of the brand new, 10-year deal between the NHL and NBC/Versus to secure hockey broadcast rights for the next 10 years, NBC Sports Group chairman Dick Ebersol said during a conference call yesterday that a name change for Versus is “no more than 90 days away.” Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

Via Sports Media Watch:

The new name will include a “strong utilization of the word NBC in the title,” an indication that NBC may move in the direction of rivals Fox Sports Net and CBS Sports Network.

Talk about pulling the rug out from under us. Man, I still haven’t grown accustomed to the switch from Outdoor Life Network and now these corporate bigwigs display such a fragile insensitivity to my fragile ability to mentally process new names due to my abject fear of change? My head hurts.

Anyway, as a public service to you guys so that you will not be as unprepared as I am, here’s some possible new names for the Versus Network, bearing in mind that “a strong utilization of the word NBC in the title” will be utilized:

  • Hockey, Fishing and Rodeos Network (Oh, and the Tour de France, too)
  • The Best Damn Hockey Network Period
  • HSPN
  • NBC Sports Hockey Net
  • The HoNBCkey Network (the “NB” is silent)

That first one is too long for my tastes, but I’m holding out hope on one of the last two, preferably the last one. It’s kitschy.

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