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Hey, Haters & Doubters: You Fools! Hating & Doubting Only Motivates Matt Leinart!

Sure, Matt Leinart’s professional football career thus far can only be described as average at best a colossal bust. And sure, Leinart was released by the Arizona Cardinals prior to the start of the 2010 season – the team that drafted him 10th overall in the 2006 NFL draft after the team elected to go with Derek “Horse Balls” Anderson as their starters and to use household names John Skelton and Max Hall to complete their collection of  quarterbacks on the roster. But guess what, all you haters and doubters, you nattering nabobs of negativity? Your scorn and your hating and your doubting are converted into high octane fuel which powers the quarterbacking machine that is Matt Leinart, who is currently a backup quarterback for the Houston Texans (although he never ran a play or threw a pass during the regular season last year).

At least, so he insists in the following tweet, tweeted yesterday (via Pro Football Talk):

you have to love the haters and doubters. No matter what you do, take that to fuel your fire and inner drive. love my fans!

And we love you, Master Matt Leinart. Keep the faith, brah, and have a beer bong on me.

[H/T Pro Football Talk]