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And This Little Marathon Runner Went ‘Wee! Wee! Wee!’ All The Way Home

People who are dedicated – or insane – enough to run in a marathon already get a free pass into the Land Of Badassery from me, but when a guy finishes a marathon and then proceeds to run another NINETY-NINE FREAKING MILES to his home after completing the grueling athletic endeavor, well, that’s…that’s just kooky talk.

Meet Sam Robson. On Sunday, Robson finished the London Marathon – his first ever, mind you – in three hours and forty-five minutes. But he just kept running, all the way to his home in the town of St. Ives, located in central England. The odyssey took Robson took him an additional 25 hours and fifteen minutes. One of the most difficult aspects of the run, according to Robson? Having to stop at checkpoints.

Via FOX Sports:

“Apart from running through the night, the hardest part was probably stopping at the checkpoints every seven miles or so on the way home. It was difficult to get the rhythm back, but I got through,” Robson said. “About two miles from the end, my hip started to give way.”

The extreme running effort was Robson’s first marathon. “I would do something like this again, and the fact this was my first marathon was something that has really spurred me on,” he said.

Add to the already impressive feat the fact that Robson was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was a teenager and raised £3,246 ($5,315) for the UK Epilepsy Society as a result of his commitment to the cause, perseverance to put himself through such a trial of will and the endurance to withstand the toil it must have wreaked upon his body, well, he’s not only been granted access to the Land of Badassery, he might as well be named the damn emperor of it.

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