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(Off Topic) Enjoyable Time Waster: Maricopa County’s (AZ) ‘Mugshot Of The Day’

Oftentimes – make that all the time – while we toil away at work, we require something, a distraction, if you will, to get ourselves through the day. Well amigos, I have found a site with such an enjoyable time waster I am sure you will be able to spend a whole bunch of time on the clock wasting your employer’s money:

Maricopa County’s “Mugshot of the Day.”

From an AP report:

The Arizona sheriff known for dressing inmates in pink underwear and feeding them green baloney is inviting people to choose the most popular jail booking photos posted on his website.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (ar-PY’-oh) allows online users to browse through the photos and then vote on their favorites that will be highlighted on a “Mugshot of the Day” section.

The top picks so far aren’t unexpected: They’re the most disheveled, unusual looking people among those booked into the downtown Phoenix jail.

Arpaio says he hopes the increased Web traffic will highlight the work of his employees.

He also says more crimes may be uncovered if the public can view the photos.

Awesome. There are few things more rewarding than mocking other people’s misfortunes by ridiculing them during their worst moments. It makes a person feel so much better about one’s own lot in life. Click on through and vote here, but be wary of choosing too indiscriminately – apparently, you can only vote once. You are also afforded the ability to peruse the County’s entire batch of mugshots according to the alleged crime perpetrated. Good times.

As a teaser, below are the contestants currently up for “Mugshot of the Day”:

Man, of all the days to get picked up by the fuzz in Maricopa County, Benjamin Luna has to get busted too. Hardly seems fair.

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