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Brian Wilson & Cody Ross Of The Giants Rock It With YouTube Icon Keenan Cahill

Awesome. Unbeknownst to yours truly – because I am apparently a total square – this Keenan Cahill is one of the biggest sensations on YouTube, garnering more than 37 million views on his videos. And for his latest lip-syncing effort, he had some very special guests: San Francisco Giants players Brian Wilson and Cody Ross. The trio perform the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.

Even cooler the video is all part of the ‘Cody & Keenan’ Social Media Fundraiser the Giants are doing on May 25th when team takes on the Florida Marlins. Keenan (known as BeenerKeeKee19952 on YouTube) is afflicted with Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, “which exists in fewer than 1,100 people in the world.” The heartbreaking condition also causes “severe disability and a shortened lifespan in most cases.”

Great work for a great cause, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Ross. And keep on rocking, Keenan. You rule.

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