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Ozzie Guillen: Almost As Entertaining Talking About Twitter As He Is On It

Perusing Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen’s Twitter account has long been a favorite pastime here at the Sportress, so it was with great interest that I read this fascinating interview with Ozzie done by ESPN Page 2’s new social media correspondent Maria Burns Ortiz. In it, Guillen discusses many topics related to social media but the thing I found most amusing was what Ozzie had to say about why he doesn’t follow people on Twitter, but if he did, the kind of people he might seek out:

“I would only follow a couple of the big stars, like Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, to see where they are,” Guillen said. “Then I might show up.”

Sharon Stone? The heck? I can see Jennifer Lopez, but why Sharon Stone and not some other has-been actress whose best days were 20 years ago? As an example, I imagine Elizabeth Shue would have plenty of interesting thoughts to offer up if she had a Twitter account. You know, if she could afford a computer.

Ozzie Guillen gets direct on Twitter [ESPN]
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