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It Was The Phillie Phanatic’s Birthday And Everyone (Who Is A Mascot) Was Invited

And a grand time was had by one and all at Citizens Bank Park on Sunday, because before the game between the Florida Marlins and the hometown Philadelphia Phillies, the Phillie Phanatic’s birthday party was held and according to one reporter’s take, things keep getting stranger and stranger at these already odd annual events.

From’s Matt Gelb:

They played a Wiffle ball game before the real game and the Phanatic plunked his mother, Phoebe, in the head with a pitch. The Oriole Bird was not pleased with this development.

A Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet mascot played shortstop and made a crucial error to decide the game. When it was over, everyone, including the San Diego Friar, danced to music by Soulja Boy. Creepy.

Soulja Boy? What the fungus? Why not Lady Gaga? It is, after all, the Phillie Phanatic’s birthday, although after doing some YouTube research, it appears that Soulja Boy might be something of a tradition at the mascot’s birthday celebrations.

In any event, I have to agree, that sounds like some weird, wild stuff right there. I mean,who even knew that mascots actually had birthdays, let alone pregame birthday parties? I don’t even get cards anymore. At the same time, I’m not some ginormous green, um, whatever the hell the Phillie Phanatic is.

Phillie Phanatic’s birthday gets weirder []