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Can New York Jets LB Bart Scott Compare Rex Ryan To Barack Obama? Yes He Can!

When most people look at the words, deeds and appearance of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, my guess is the first person they think of is not President Barack Obama. Usually, when people think of Rex Ryan, their assessment of the man likely revolves around the image of a loudmouthed braggart who may or may not have a foot fetish. Come on, who are we kidding? Let’s be honest here: he totally has a foot fetish. But Ryan’s said dalliances with the tawdry world of foot fetishism does not prohibit him from being a great man who is well respected by others. Like Jets linebacker Bart Scott, for instance. In fact, Scott admires his team’s coach to such a degree he cannot help but draw comparisons between Ryan and our nation’s Commander-In-Chief.

To wit, from New York Metro (via The Huddle):

“It’s how (Ryan) talks and says what he’s thinking and how he lets us be loose and talk. People don’t think the president is supposed to be black either. They think a president is supposed to look a certain way. It’s the same thing with Rex. He doesn’t look and act the way other coaches act. And we love him for it.”

Fair enough. But let me ask this question: first things first, has anybody ever seen Rex Ryan’s birth certificate?

Yes Rex Can: Scott likens Ryan to Obama [New York Metro (via The Huddle)]