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‘Sports Show With Norm MacDonald’ Was Pretty Awesome

Like most people who appreciate intelligently nonsensical comedy delivered by an irreverently reverential – underrated yet worshiped – comedic genius (does that even make any sense?), I was eagerly anticipating the premiere of Sports Show with Norm MacDonald last night on Comedy Central. Now, I’m no highfalutin television critic, but if a person were to ask my opinion of the first show, I’d have to say, “Thanks for asking. You see, I’m no highfalutin television critic so it’s flattering that you would ask my opinion about the premiere of a new show.”

After that, I’d probably say something like, “It was pretty awesome.” And the best part would be that I wouldn’t be lying, which is something I usually do when people ask my opinion on something. I don’t need people knowing all about what I think about stuff, thank you very much. To be frank, while it was a little rough around the edges – hardly surprising for a debut episode – I found it quite entertaining and given that Norm’s particular brand of humor gets a lot of its greatness from it being delivered a bit roughly, it played pretty well.

Some clips from the premiere episode follow.

Mathematically proving that Tiger Woods is the most faithful man alive on “What the H?”

Garbage Time:

Great stuff. Hopefully, Comedy Central is patient with Sports Show and allows it a decent chance to find its groove and gain an audience. Although I do have one request: more jokes about moths.

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