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Someone Claiming To Be Kevin Love Wants Timberwolves Fans To Follow The WNBA

As the Minnesota Timberwolves trudge to the merciful end of another forgettable season, one of the team’s sole bright spots, forward Kevin Love – or more accurately, somebody purporting to be him – sent out the above e-mail to T-Wolves season ticket holders imploring them to spend the summer months following the local WNBA squad, the Minnesota Lynx.

Assuming that my readers are avid followers of WNBA basketball, many of you undoubtedly are aware that the Lynx selected UConn’s Maya Moore with the first overall pick (something the Wolves have never experienced, despite the team’s historic ineptitude – STERN!!!) in the WNBA draft the other day, and the excitement surrounding the Lynx’s upcoming season is at a fever pitch. Okay, not a fever pitch. How about “at a temperature a little higher than that of tepid water”? Yeah, much better.

The point, upon reading the above e-mail correspondence, is that there is no way in hell that Kevin Love wrote it. As my Twin Cities colleague Michael Rand asserts on RandBall, said author “apparently writes an awful lot like someone who is used to sending press releases.” Indeed. My guess is Kevin Love might not even be aware of the fact that Minnesota has a WNBA team, much less feel compelled to write something requesting Wolves fans take a pasing interest in the squad, let alone take in a game or give a lick about the team.

But I can think of one soul who, if he happened to be a Timberwolves season ticket holder, would take up the Kevin Love Doppelganger’s advice: this guy. Yep, went to that well once again.

If you’re a Wolves season ticket holder, you likely got an e-mail from “Kevin Love” [RandBall]